Mixed Group Week

April 11, 2020 - April 18, 2020

Olivia Sofer

Spaces Available: 

Battle Abbey

Battle Abbey Backcountry Skiing : Supreme Selkirk Powder Skiing

Imagine a remote, rugged valley enclosed by majestic glaciated peaks. A week at Battle Abbey is simply an unforgettable experience.  The eclectic lodge comfort and spectacular setting create a unique atmosphere to meet new friends or spend time with your old ones.  The skiing is excellent and our experienced guides lead you to ski some great lines and keep you safe.  Our cook keeps you well fed with delicious and nutritious meals.  People who enjoy backcountry skiing will truly enjoy Battle Abbey.  

The Terrain

In 1978 Bill Putnam and Hans Gmoser built a backcountry mountain hut in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains. Over the years it has evolved into a skiers' paradise. High on a forested shoulder, at the foot of one of the glaciers, there is a comfortable back country lodge. Surrounding the lodge, nothing but peaks, sky and a deep valley to the north. Endless runs to ski and places to enjoy this private mountain playground. The lodge is situated at tree line at 2200m (7200ft) at the head of Butters Creek.  The terrain is similar to Rogers Pass with high alpine bowls, glaciers and steep, deep valleys. Imagine all that terrain with only 18 people to ski it! Battle Abbey is an experience not to be missed!

Battle Abbey is on the north side of Schooner Ridge at the foot of the Omoo Glacier.  This aspect offers great powder from the lodge until late in the season.  From the top of Schooner Ridge five bowls descent into Houston Creek and offer runs up to 900m vertical.  The west sides of the bowls have an eastern aspect which holds the powder while the east sides get the sun and produce great corn snow in the spring.  The head of Butters Creek is full of impressive alpine ski lines, like Steepness, Mount Typee, Pequod Glacier and Mount Butters.  This is big vertical and big alpine skiing.  Further down the valley and below Battle Abbey lodge there is a variety of tree skiing from open glades to steep chutes.  A stormy week at Battle Abbey can be a lot of fun if you like to play in the trees.  Farther afield, there are several alpine objectives that we ski when the conditions and fitness permits.  We are still skiing new lines from time to time even after over 30 years of skiing.

Battle Abbey Lodge Features:

  • sleeps 14 guests in 5 rooms with new beds 
  • 12 to 15 minute helicopter ride SW of Golden, BC 
  • Indoor and outdoor plumbing 
  • Filtered mountain spring water
  • Amazing chef-worthy kitchen with propane range for cooking and two woodstoves for heating 
  • WONDERFUL SHOWER in a hot room with plenty of hot water 
  • limited 110V AC power for charging electronic equipment 
  • high fidelity quadrophonic sound system which can play mp3 players such as iPods 
  • Lots of yoga mats, stretching equipment 
  • A full library of interesting books

A typical ski week at the Abbey

It’s a simple schedule at Battle Abbey, eat, ski, eat, ski, eat, relax, eat, sleep and repeat as necessary.  A typical week at the Abbey begins with the flight in on Saturday afternoon.  Everyone is usually at Battle Abbey by 5pm.  We do a thorough avalanche rescue practice before dinner, otherwise we do it on Sunday morning.  Dinner is prepared by our amazing cooks who keep us all fed with their wonderful creations.  In the morning, we have breakfast at 7:30.  After breakfast, everyone makes a lunch to take with them and we try to be out skiing by 9:00.  With two guides we can easily tailor the ski program to the abilities within the group. On Saturday morning, we pack up our bags before skiing so that our staff can clean up the lodge while we do our last day of skiing.  We are back at the lodge by 1:30 pm and begin the flights out by 2:30.


Cost includes helicopter transport from Golden, accommodation, meals and guide service.  Prices are subject to change w/o notice and prior to full payment.