Backcountry Ski Lodge Equipment List

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Please keep in mind the 30 lb. helicopter baggage limit


  • ski pants, breathable fabric such as Schoeller or with zippers for venting
  • ski jacket, Gore Tex or equivelant
  • warm jacket, pile, wool, Schoeller
  • down vest or small down jacket
  • warm Shirt
  • 2 sets long underwear
  • ski socks
  • toque, woolen hat
  • sun hat, ball cap
  • ski gloves and/or mitts
  • 1 set of hut clothes, comfortable clothes to wear in the hut after skiing


  • well fitting touring or telemark boots, it is best to be well acquainted with your boots. If you are renting bring some blister prevention supplies.
  • snow boots, not essential, you can use your ski boots
  • hut slippers or shoes


  • good, all mountain skis with quality ski touring or telemark bindings.The skiing at Battle Abbey is challenging so ski touring skis are recommending if you are unsure of you telemarking abilities.
  • split board or board with short climbing skis, snowshoes are NOT recommended

Ski Gear

  • climbing skins that are not too narrow under the foot
  • telescopic or regular ski poles
  • ski pack
  • avalanche probe
  • avalanche shovel
  • avalanche transceiver
  • ski crampons, these can be essential during spring conditions


  • sun cream
  • sun glasses
  • goggles
  • toiletries
  • blister prevention supplies
  • flash light or head lamp
  • water bottle
  • light weight thermos
  • camera with extra film, batteries, memory stick


  • Down comforters, linens and towels are supplied, sleeping bags are not needed.


  • Please bring canned beer if you can handle it, bottles are heavy and bulky to fly. Wine and hard alcohol may be brought in any container. We do not provide any alcohol at the hut.


  • Pack your gear in two smaller bags rather than one large one. It is easier to fit everything in the helicopter this way. If you bring ski bags, we will unpack them and leave them at the Hanger to reduce bulk in the ski basket. Keep this in mind if you use your ski bag to pack clothes etc. into.
  • Beer and wine should be in boxes and taped up. Loose flats of beer and bottles of wine end up strewn across the countryside.